Hey Mister, you have a lot of cameras.

23 07 2011

One of the questions I am often asked: why do you have two cameras?

Lots of reasons really: Things break, or stop working when you don’t want them to. Electronic cameras are no more or less unreliable than mechanical cameras, in my opinion. But they are impossible to coax back into life, once they stop (assuming it’s not a simple battery issue).

Dust: one lens on each body, means you don’t need to change lenses, which is time consuming, and potentially exposes the camera’s sensor to dust and other airbourne particles.

Versatility: Each camera that I own, has its own specialities. The D1x is fantastic for flash sync. While the D300 has fairly good high ISO performance.  Some pictures will require both characteristics, so it’s good to have both cameras to hand.

Card failures: By having two bodies, you minimise the damage from card corruption or failure. Whatever brand of memory card you use, sooner or later, something is going to fail. It’s the law of averages, and the more you shoot the more likely it is. I also like to use lots of small capacity cards, which again distributes the risk.

Actually I have 3 bodies, the D70 is fairly small & light, still with excellent flash sync, and I can use it as a radio-controlled remote, without worrying too much about the replacement cost.  My kids can easily hold and use it too.




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