First impressions last

28 07 2011

I’ve always been very cynical about marketing. Or perhaps uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I’m English. But I know plenty of English who are right up there with the best. So I have to change.

Google+ Crowdsource application is a good example of how to apply current technology. Have a look at it and you’ll see what I mean. I only stumbled over it by accident when perusing a list of G+ Inspirational Photographers. What I noticed however, was that around half of these photographer profile pix show the owner with a camera. I guess this is a visual cue, dumbing down to reach even the tiniest brain.  You can see I don’t approve…..what I then noticed, was that of these ‘Clearly I am a Photographer’ images, 99% were completely lame, some even looked like an afterthought. And yes, I know some of us are shy retiring types, but honestly, if you’re going to be putting yourself out there, on G+ lists, have a bit of respect for yourself and more importantly, your customers & contacts.

The 1% that made it, in case you were wondering: Alfie Goodrich. His profile snap is just head & shoulders (sorry) above the others.  Check it out.






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