Is that the time?

26 11 2011

Well, summer has been and gone, autumn is just upon us and I”ve even remembered that I had started this blog. Must pay more attention.

In the meantime however, my kids shared a birthday. I shared the gift of creation with them. They are 7 now, old enough not to constantly break stuff, to have respect and to have a desire to communicate with images. I went to my local camera store and picked up a couple of Kenko-branded Nikon mount manual focus film slr bodies;. a couple of 55mm MicroNikkor lenses, and a pair of neckstraps. Total cost ¥17000 (about US220).

I may have been about 7 when a kind auntie gave me a Kodak Instamatic – a square format point & shoot. I recall my father having a copy of the Wallace Heaton catalogue; I used to pore over it with about the same intensity as the lingerie pages of the mail-order catalogue. Asahi Pentax Spotmatic – corrrr!  I digress.

Kids as you parents know, develop their own characters from quite an early age. I have twin boys. Nash, the eldest by a minute, is naturally suited to sports, and finds school a drag. His brother Rex however, has used my digital cameras from the age of 4, loves to draw and study in general. Now having presented these two with their own (film) cameras, the reverse of what I expected, has happened. Nash, Mr. MVP/Soccer Team Captain, has adopted photography with a vengeance. Rex, the arty one, that produced ‘reasonably coherent’ images out of my digital SLRs, has largely ignored his birthday present. It’s not what I expected, but at the same time, it’s not displeasing. 50% result is all right in my book.




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