Do I really want to sell my pictures in WalMart?

2 02 2012

Yeah. Hmm. Getty Images invited me to join their agency. Whilst it’s clearly an affirmation, of the appeal of some images that I’ve made, is it also an invitation to court disaster? You see, I’m no spring chicken. I’ve been with agencies before, back in the days of film. Back then it was 50/50 split between the agent and the artist. Getty want to pay their contributors between 20 and 30% (!!) of the gross. I know there’s a recession on but seriously!

There is also an English stock library called Alamy, who I believe pay their contributors up to 60%. So I’m wondering, why on earth would anyone submit stuff to Getty? There is this kind of intangible link, to the Getty bullyboy tactics – if you don’t know what I’m referring to, try googling Getty Legal Department. Yes, I know I’m a hypocrite…..I support organisations that go after people who have stolen my images……but at the same time trying to extort almost three thousand pounds for images that could have been licensed for maybe fifty or a hundred quid…..that’s out of order. No wonder Robert Scoble is saying Getty Images is the most profitable stock agency in the world!

Of course Walmart are great at selling things, in volume, and (in theory) a photographer’s image could become a standard fixture in a huge percentage of homes, or offices, or wherever. And one might hope that the photographer could do well to make a bit of money like that. If you think about ‘Tennis Girl’ for example, a photo of a tennis player scratching her arse, that sort of iconic status. And still I wonder. I wonder if anyone has an opinion?



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