Just Act Polite And Nod

17 02 2012

Look, it’s really very simple – there is no ‘maybe’…


How hard can it be?

Ended up shooting these in available light; started off with a softlighter directly overhead on a boom, and slave flash behind. Tried a variety of backgrounds, all of which desparately need ironing – job opportunity if you want it? Finally settled on this hard disk case, which has a nice glossy surface with sandblasted lines. I have fairly good daylight in the studio though 8am in the winter it’s a little on the scarce side. 1/6th second at F4 on a 105 with PK-13 extension ring.




One response

17 02 2012

That’s a clean image. I like it but I will have to say that at times there is a “maybe”. 🙂

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