Tokyo Somebody

8 03 2012

I went to a kind of creative thinktank recently; one of the subjects that came up was the book ‘Tokyo Nobody’, which was shot over many years. A large percentage of attendees of this type of meeting are web-savvy/geeks/brogrammers/media people.

I was a little surprised that someone could automatically assume that HDR or a similar computer-based technique, was key in creating that book. In fact the author, Masataka Nakano, simply relied on timing, public holidays, and the like. People have gotten so connected to technology that they cannot conceive of a project that doesn’t involve it? 

Admittedly, the same questioner then struggled with the concept of the fixed-gear bicycle. Cops in Tokyo recently clamped down on the use of bicycles ‘with no brakes’…..fixed gear afficionados using track frames for the clean and uncluttered look.




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