Self development

12 04 2012

….so last year I dived headfirst into a self-development course, mainly as an antidote to a period of depression and some pretty stupid behaviour. The Artist’s Way is a book that you can read through and follow for yourself, but it’s made far far easier, when you are in the company of others following the same path, all from their own differing perspectives. One biggie that I picked up was the Artist’s Date. You take yourself on a date. Treat yourself. It’s a validation and even when we profess to be uncaring of praise, others’ opinions and awards – deep down we still need that. In some small way.

My artists’ dates have been little treats. A visit to Mother (womb-like rock bar in a Kabukicho cupboard), exhibitions, galleries, and the opportunity to discuss and talk about the work that I do. A little backstory here – I work under crushing responsibilities, mouths to feed and a history of bad behaviour. So talking is frowned on ‘because it’s not work’ – but it’s the sharing of information, that really makes me happy. Whether giving or receiving. Thumbs up I say.

I regularly see one artist just to talk, about shared experiences, the customer from hell, Tokyo art gossip, the latest app, etc. Relevant and relaxed. I’m maybe 20 twenty years her senior and maybe she sees me as a great well of information; I see her guard down, her fragilities laid bare behind the mask of being a cool arty chick, and that’s a rare priviledge. So never stop talking.




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