going veggie

21 05 2012

so at the end of last year, I finally managed to give up smoking. About 6 months’ abstinence now, and not a sign of returning to the old ways. if you want to know how I did it – along the lines of ECT, sometimes known as Shock Treatment. basically I somehow managed to crack a rib, and at the same time had a chest infection. Doc was giving me antibiotics and other drugs for the chest infection, but every time I had a fag, this negated the effects of the the drugs. or that’s what it felt like. you really want to avoid coughing if you have a broken or cracked rib because it’s rather painful. to put it mildly

and after all, as one friend is fond of saying, what is the upside (of smoking)? well I can answer that – it is a very effective appetite suppressant and yes there are plenty of fat smokers but I wasn’t one!

so these days being a photographer involves more and more sitting on your arse on front of a computer pressing and prodding, and not leaping up and jumping around with a ton of gear on your back. and doing your social networking online and your promotional events and posting on 500px or Shakodo or the BJP forum or a zillion other things that all basically make you fat. which is the big problem. 

and I do ride a bicycle pretty much every day. maybe 100km a week, so something else needs to give way. kicked the meat habit and went veggie. 1 week in now and no cravings. really! 

and not satisfied with that I have also joined a triathlon group. I NEVER run, so this is a good opportunity to start. even my 7-year old son kicks my butt in the pool. cycling is not a problem, the other two though are going to be challenging but then, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing. 

and also, at this point, I would to invite other photographers to join me in this quest for health. I meet some on an irregular basis and am lightly appalled at their increasingly bulging figures. but am too polite to say anything….

brief note for American readers. ‘having a fag’ is Brit for ‘smoking a cigarette’ and not anything else. 



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