support what I believe in

22 05 2012

in common with 9.5 million people, I’ve joined

maybe I don’t come into contact on a daily basis with people outside my little circle. not thru shyness or anything. like I live in TOKYO… massive conurbation of literally millions of people…..most of whom are Japanese and don’t connect well with others who don’t appear to have any relevance to their situation. unless I’m missing something?

which explains my motivation in joining meetup, where you can pursue an interest offline with like-minded folks. getting people off their arses and back into RL is not a bad idea. in an earlier post I wrote about my new interest in triathlon. Meetup has a tri group, for all levels, based in Tokyo, so ideal for me. it’s the idea of a personal trainer from the UK, she’s young and gutsy so I say give her a chance. my support extends to putting my hand in my pocket and offering sponsorship to the group.

I was chatting with the leader of another group who explained that a previous sponsor was kinda crass with their involvement – that group is for international parents in Tokyo – the sponsor had no kids of his own or idea what kind of problems international parents face.

I’m supporting what I believe in.




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