on my way home

24 11 2012

spent a few happy hours yesterday, with one of my students, first at the Magnum exhibition in Tokyo, then chatting in a cafe, and finally shooting around the Midtown shopping centre. Kif’s a fairly typical student; he knows a good image when he sees it, but the steps to achieve it, are many and unfamiliar. Knowing which aspect to concentrate on first, is important, because there are so many steps. Composition and timing, really are elements of photography that can’t be automated very well, unlike focus, and exposure. Learning to think about the photo you want to take, previsualising the completed image, is quite unfamiliar to most, but once mastered – everything falls into place.

shot this one on my way home. it’s a Public Holiday in Japan this 3-day weekend. the streets are almost empty. desaturated a little, letterbox crop, warmed up. perhaps Cartier-Bresson spoke to me 🙂




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