interesting developments in bare bulb

13 03 2013

so for the last couple of years, I have been gradually building a bare flash system, centred around the increasingly elderly Sunpak 120J heads. these offer a small pack size and reasonable bang for the buck. especially useful for use with ultrawide and fisheye lenses, where the flash covers pretty much the whole area that the lens does. 

one has to eschew the modern comforts such as remote power control, modern power sources, and most of all, a good range of light modifiers, with the 120J. however, a company in China is now making a modern alternative, modelled more along the lines of the Quantum Q-Flash. I’ve decided to investigate their light modifiers initially, as these claim to be compatible with existing 120J heads. the LinkDelight company, based in Hong Kong I believe, is offering some of these new flashes – I had considered getting one of their  more basic gimbal heads, for my 400mm Nikon telephoto lens; so may end up combining the order. 

until only fairly recently, I had my doubts about these 3rd party accessories sold from Hong Kong, but a personal recommendation from a friend (using one of the GODOX battery packs) soon corrected my off-kilter thinking.




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