waiting to die

6 06 2013

part of a series of things I need to express about death…..my wife’s family is plagued with cancer. come to think of it, my own family’s record ain’t that impressive either…..although I was adopted so can’t claim any hereditary influence at least……..as a photographer I was almost compelled to take photographs. of course in the UK when my mother died and I had that opportunity to say goodbye to her in the hospital, I didn’t. because it was completely alien to my culture at the time. but here in Japan…the family need me to be there to document the history of their lives. and I am happy to do it. it’s a great honour. FiL struggling with MiL’s casket, MiL laid out and made up while three small boys laugh and joke at the head of her hospice bed, Aunt in Law taking her medicine at home with grandchildren sitting on her knee, Hiobachan’s wheelchair against a grim rainy landscape in her hospital.

one day, with permission, I’d like to share more of these images.




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