the summer intern and the pink parasol

29 06 2013

Imageso I find myself in the very fortunate position of having a summer intern: he’s an 18-year old Japanese lad, who has a passing interest in photography – currently goes to school in Vietnam, where his father is working for the UN. in the past he was a private student with me for English, when he lived here in Tokyo (his younger brother is the same age as my kids). so I have him helping out with stuff for a few hours; I also have to provide a photo of him at work… here y’are.

usually I would have used the 19″ folding dish, mainly because it’s a lot easier to carry around. but it has decided to go faulty….not bad for pretty much 4 months of near constant use I suppose. so here shooting with the light diffused thru the 12″ metal Cheetahlight Beauty Dish, gridded, and with their diffuser sock on the front. not much clue why we are shooting a pink parasol in a tunnel, apart from the very nice contrast, and the nicely defocused figures in the background. and yes, it is heart-shaped. 

Thanks to Taku Aiga, Luna Peredo, and the guys at Umbrella Heaven (UK), for helping out.




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