moving targets

23 07 2013

moving targets

just a few bon mots about how tricky it is to get anything original or interesting, especially in the fast and loose arena of live music photography. people move, they swing around, fall over, give it some of THAT. and the exposure is borderline pretty much all the time, and it’s changing. it’s a struggle to keep up.

I’ve photographed Arisa Safu a few times now, and always want to come up with a fresh angle, so for this image I chose to focus on the neck of her guitar, which, using a fast lens, would defocus her face enough to be interesting, but at the same time recognisable. and she swings around, whirling her huge mane of hair. and I shoot five or six frames – this one looks the most interesting. rather than attempt to remove the rather obvious red colourcast, I’m going with the flow and putting a crossprocess filter on it, which definitely enhances the funky feel. filters and effects are things best used sparingly, in my opinion, though obviously there are people who make a living out of one particular effect. not sure that particular model has much longevity though. guess we’ll see




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