Hey there, Super-Awesome Photographer

23 10 2013

always praise your clients. sucking up gets you everywhere. except into my wallet

like a lot of small business owners, I imagine, I subscribe to an advice service – that sometimes produces a kind of light bulb moment. but mainly right now it seems to be about flogging me a $297 subscription to an e-book which is serialised over several episodes. 

I have have learned two things so far: when you write “But then, about 14 months after starting my biz and not really doing too much with it, my husband and I felt like God was calling us both to do it full-time.” warning bells start ringing. I do not wish to offend your religion but, Fuck God. I suppose I should have been warned when earlier emails started prattling on about Bible study classes etc.

the second thing I have learned: if there are more than a hundred – no – let’s be generous – two hundred words, in the linked to page, which describes the aforementioned e-book and extolls its virtues, then the product is junk. the more words there are, the worse the product is. just a rule of thumb.

they try to browbeat you with a flood of words. reminds me of the kitchen salesman who once joined my family dinner and had to be forcibly ejected at half past midnight. yes he was tenacious, that is true, but let’s not confuse tenacity with pure bad manners and rudeness.

I’ll quote an old friend, Mr. Paul Beaumont, on this one “I’ll politely decline on this occasion”




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