The Union Jack Band

10 08 2014


went to see a friend’s band play an open-air show today, since the fireworks were cancelled. my m.o. for bands especially open air shows is, don’t bother with the photographers’ pit, get as far back as you can with a big lens, that still allows a fairly tight framing. main reason for this is the perspective is far more natural – you avoid that ‘up the nose’ look that shots made from the photo pit or front row, have. as usual the lights were fairly crap, not too bad with an exposure of 1/320 at F3.5 (wide open) on ISO 1600, but mostly the shadows would fall right over the performers’ eyes – the panda look, so shots like the one above were few and far between. the patterned background slightly defocused with a telephoto lens actually contributes to the feel of the shot. oh and the music was a good crack

a few more photos, by popular demand, as they say:


Aimee sporting a Great Britain-themed hair accessory. and some Dio style devil horns


A typical lighting problem – the rear half of the stage is lit, but step forward and you fall out of the light. Only a lot of dodging saved this shot from the delete key.


never forget the drummer. the flag really helps though


that stare. dealing with hecklers


Ben Dover gave it all from his little heart


the amazing Mr.Tommy Jaime – offstage he’ll be hobbling around with a walking cane but put a fat five string in his hands and you’ll see him dance


what are friends for after all?




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