it’s all done with mirrors

17 10 2014

late afternoon in Harajuku, and the October sun is blasting down on the streets. with no clouds to diffuse the sun, the shadows are strong and dark but sometimes there’s a tiny ray of hope. mirrored glass in office buildings all over Tokyo catches those rays and returns them to sender. and coincidentally ¬†spotlights a few points of the street. catching those spotlights is half the fun.




9 09 2014


she was the epitome of noir. lost in her own world. aloof and anonymous. a passenger in the same car, but very much a stranger. original on iPhone, processed in Snapseed

great light is where you find it

6 08 2014

Ko in Tamachi

the other day I spent 8 hours in Tamachi, where I was engaged to photograph a workshop dealing with improving your TOEIC score (Test of English for International Communication). The event was held in a giant glass fronted office building, and afterwards I went out into the huge lobby, and noticed the amazing light. Floor to ceiling glass on two sides, and highly polished black marble on the other two. So I grabbed Ko, who was assisting at the event, and we shot a few photos, one of which you can see above. All natural light, around 5pm.

the keitai and the blossoms

23 03 2013

the ketai and the blossoms

at a bridge over the Kanda river, where the cherry blossoms proliferate and swoon, it’s a great photo.
the backlighting is reflected from the screen of her keitai, onto her face and glasses.

Genpatsu ila nai

29 07 2012

it’s a hot and sticky night. enormous black mosquitoes crisscross the moon, their painful drone clattering and quivering as they take turns to hover overhead. the Diet building stands forlorn and fragged. ila nai genpatsu

Secret Tokyo

29 06 2012

Secret Tokyo

space….as much as you could want. but we’re not going to let you have it. lock it away behind vast iron doors. leave a tiny gap for longing glimpses.

Just Act Polite And Nod

17 02 2012

Look, it’s really very simple – there is no ‘maybe’…


How hard can it be?

Ended up shooting these in available light; started off with a softlighter directly overhead on a boom, and slave flash behind. Tried a variety of backgrounds, all of which desparately need ironing – job opportunity if you want it? Finally settled on this hard disk case, which has a nice glossy surface with sandblasted lines. I have fairly good daylight in¬†the studio though 8am in the winter it’s a little on the scarce side. 1/6th second at F4 on a 105 with PK-13 extension ring.