Firemen’s Convention outside my front door

25 08 2014



no fewer than 6 fire engines and 4 police cars packed into one tiny Tokyo street…nobody seemed to know where the fire was or even how to get back to the fire station. chaos redefined. if this is where my resident tax goes, please can I make a suggestion?


Genpatsu ila nai

29 07 2012

it’s a hot and sticky night. enormous black mosquitoes crisscross the moon, their painful drone clattering and quivering as they take turns to hover overhead. the Diet building stands forlorn and fragged. ila nai genpatsu

Thunderbirds are Go?

19 03 2012

Out shooting in Ginza yesterday. No disrespect to the guy, but just something in his movement, reminded me of the puppet science fiction series Thunderbirds. Maybe the uniform as well.