it’s all done with mirrors

17 10 2014

late afternoon in Harajuku, and the October sun is blasting down on the streets. with no clouds to diffuse the sun, the shadows are strong and dark but sometimes there’s a tiny ray of hope. mirrored glass in office buildings all over Tokyo catches those rays and returns them to sender. and coincidentally ¬†spotlights a few points of the street. catching those spotlights is half the fun.



Fishing the Cosmos

28 03 2013

Fishing the Cosmos

living close to the Kanda River, which runs thru the centre of Tokyo, makes it convenient to pop out for an hour or so with a 400mm lens. the Japanese Crane or Tsuru, frequents the waters, picking out lunch, while fallen cherry blossoms drift downriver.

shot in colour, converted to B/W with a cold tone. the big struggle with tsuru shots is keeping the detail in the feathers, while accurately portraying the tones.

(I don’t need this) pressure on

19 10 2012

sorry, not many blog posts for a while. got involved in lots of other time-consuming things. bought new lenses, committed to teaching kids photography, nearly got divorced…


the buying of new lenses was unconnected with the divorce! although some might argue a contributing factor