Scotland in the news

19 09 2014

As an Englishman, Scotland has always been my neighbour, though the number of times I have visited could be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is a shame. There’s a huge expanse of unspoiled landscape, with castles dating back to medieval times. Real mountains and lochs. And a fiercely independent spirit embedded in the people of Scotland.

Japan has a Scotland Society, and once a year they hold a localised version of the Highland Games. I went along last year and found some strong men in kilts, throwing heavy weights into the air. Japanese afficionados would picnic on tartan blankets under cherry trees, and I even discovered what a ‘Japanese Scotsman’ wears under his kilt (and no, it’s not a pair of Union Jack y-fronts).

Japan Scotland Highland Games
Weight for Height Cpmpetition
Japan Scotland Highland Games 2013
Japan Scotland Highland Games
Highland Games 2013 in Japan


when will I die, Daddy?

21 10 2013

when will I die, Daddy?

this is a question my 8 year-old son asked. death has been a big part of his life so far. first his Japanese grandmother, then two more elderly female members of the Japanese side of the family. but thankfully children are not shut out of the process of grieving, as we might find in some western cultures.

in the photo, grandmother’s bones have been collected in the urn, by close family members. feet first, head last.

taking pictures of people taking pictures

30 03 2013

taking pictures of people taking pictures

Tokyo has to be one of the best locations for this genre….it’s a hit on the tourist trail and, the natives are obsessed with cameras and photography

man between buildings, Roppongi

24 03 2013

man between buildings, Roppongi

I was just walking down the street in Roppongi on a Sunday afternoon, when I noticed a leg sticking out of a gap maybe 30cm wide, between two buildings, so I waited, and shot a couple of frames. then he turned around and looked at me, with a very weary look.