it’s all done with mirrors

17 10 2014

late afternoon in Harajuku, and the October sun is blasting down on the streets. with no clouds to diffuse the sun, the shadows are strong and dark but sometimes there’s a tiny ray of hope. mirrored glass in office buildings all over Tokyo catches those rays and returns them to sender. and coincidentally ¬†spotlights a few points of the street. catching those spotlights is half the fun.



3Tides Tattoo, Harajuku

18 03 2014

3Tides Tattoo, Harajuku

one thing you might decide to pick up while in Japan is a tattoo. I went with my friend Jessica #shethatisnau on Twitter – to the Harajuku branch of 3Tides. she’s an illustrator and had co-authored a design drawing heavily on Lovecraft and the ukiyo-e style

tie up your wife, Sir?

4 11 2013

tie up your wife, Sir?

A booth at Design Festa, offers a quick demonstration of shibari. A lady dressed in latex and not much else, will truss up willing volunteers. There was a long queue for participation.