Scotland in the news

19 09 2014

As an Englishman, Scotland has always been my neighbour, though the number of times I have visited could be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is a shame. There’s a huge expanse of unspoiled landscape, with castles dating back to medieval times. Real mountains and lochs. And a fiercely independent spirit embedded in the people of Scotland.

Japan has a Scotland Society, and once a year they hold a localised version of the Highland Games. I went along last year and found some strong men in kilts, throwing heavy weights into the air. Japanese afficionados would picnic on tartan blankets under cherry trees, and I even discovered what a ‘Japanese Scotsman’ wears under his kilt (and no, it’s not a pair of Union Jack y-fronts).

Japan Scotland Highland Games
Weight for Height Cpmpetition
Japan Scotland Highland Games 2013
Japan Scotland Highland Games
Highland Games 2013 in Japan



1 02 2012

On Route 20 west out of Tokyo, a busy four lane highway, with a further 6 lanes expressway some 30 feet above. Pedestrian bridges are common at large intersections, so it makes sense to use them to get a cleaner image. Keep it simple, stupid. By shooting from overhead we can eliminate the distractions of a typical urban background. I’ve been in the habit for a while now, of going out with just one body and one prime lens. It seems to focus the mind more. This one was shot with my elderly D1x, and the 35mm F1.4 lens, albeit stopped all the way down. You can can really only make this picture at a certain time of day; when taxis starting lighting up, but while there is still ambient light.