9 09 2014


she was the epitome of noir. lost in her own world. aloof and anonymous. a passenger in the same car, but very much a stranger. original on iPhone, processed in Snapseed


why the world looks better in black & white. part 103

13 04 2013

why the world looks better in black & white. part 103

part of a project on sports, fitness, and health, in Japan. my kids are signed up to a soccer club that contributes to the J-league apprentice pool. sometimes I’ll shoot pictures at one of their matches. doing it the old-fashioned way, manual focus. like so many sports grounds, you have to put up with horrible backgrounds so, by reducing the colour impact, the photo is easier on the eye. and yes, they do play on gravel. these kids are hard! plus, it throws up a lot of dust which looks fantastic when backlit.

Gear: Nikon D300 body
Nikon 400mm F3.5 Lens

Manual exposure 1/1600th at F3.5, 100asa

coming & going

9 04 2013

coming & going

despite photography being almost the national hobby (smoking beats it), I get a few funny looks today, shooting fill flash in glaring sunlight. the suits, in Shinjuku.

here’s the way I have done it since the eighties…set the flash to auto (not TTL), select the widest auto aperture, in this case it’s F5.6. Set the lens to two stops smaller aperture, ie F11. Now the flash will complement but not overpower, the ambient light. Shutter speed can be set manually depending on how or little ambient light you want. for this one I shot at 1/400th. and processed in Nik EFX

the young adonis

6 09 2012

shooting with my son Nash