9 09 2014


she was the epitome of noir. lost in her own world. aloof and anonymous. a passenger in the same car, but very much a stranger. original on iPhone, processed in Snapseed


the keitai and the blossoms

23 03 2013

the ketai and the blossoms

at a bridge over the Kanda river, where the cherry blossoms proliferate and swoon, it’s a great photo.
the backlighting is reflected from the screen of her keitai, onto her face and glasses.

the Vagina Monologues

18 03 2013

so I am now kind of wondering what my motivation really was, for attending the recent performance in Tokyo, of this long running event in the theatrical calendar. first up, I don’t have a vagina. so, most of the content would be alien, no? wouldn’t I struggle? 


not really. I empathised. at least that’s what I think I did. vaginas and willies are somewhat interchangeable, in some respects, so simply by altering the gender, this man can get something of a handle on what you ladies are saying. I work with women, often called on to be some kind of a shoulder to cry on or agony aunt/uncle, the voice of wisdom (really??) etc. 

and yet again, the Japanese inherited system that changes ever so slowly, creeping along at the speed of an arthitic snail, is putting off the official apology until the last of the Comfort Women have passed away then, there will be nothing for the Japanese Government to apologise for, so they won’t. it irks me massively. 


I didn’t feel awkward as a man attending ….what’s he here for? did he hear ‘Vagina ¥2000’? despite a few sentiments expressed in the readings of freedom from men, that’s to be expected. I’m just glad to have been present. I can empathise, share the humour, which after all, is my religion.

Petal Girl Shot

11 05 2012

So recently I had the idea of shooting a homage to the classic American Beauty image. We decided rather than scarlet petals, to use black. 3000 (approx) were obtained from a stage effects supplier. Put a foam mattress on the floor, and used my black background sheet on this. The model then obligingly lay in the centre, and we unceremoniously tipped the entire package over her. Although she looks naked, she is wearing a bra & nude-coloured panties. Lighting was from a single 120J head, inside a softbox boomed over the set. I shot this from above, simply by standing on a chair with a 28mm lens, on the D300  (I’m over 6′ tall and the chair added another 18″). It was quite a challenge to make sure that the petals covered her adequately; next time I think I could use a petal wrangler.

An American (Japanese) Beauty

9 05 2012